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Combining Eastern and Western cultures and inspired by thinking patterns, YISHENG Academy believes in lifelong learning and growth, not only for school-aged children, but also for adults in the face of life, work and family. It is an endless process of growth. Through Learning courses in different age groups and polishing the cognition of the world and the surrounding environment, we will output an endless stream of knowledge to those who want to learn, so that everyone can bloom their own unique brilliance in life and live a complete and rich life. 

YiSheng Academy also supply a one-of-a-kind  summer & winter camp for kids ages 6-16, in Southern California near Los Angeles. The YiSheng experience is unique: campers choose a theme camp activity focus for their mornings and all of their own afternoon fun for a personalized adventure.

Our campers follow their dreams, try incredible new things and gain lifelong friends in a safe and supportive environment. Send your child to the place where they will grow, feel successful and return home saying, “YiSheng is the best camp ever!”